Announcement time!!

A teeny, tiny bit of sad news, followed immediately by great news. My original cover artist for The Book of Memories will not be returning for anymore covers. Tiny pout. I will miss her, but I still love her, and her new stuff is so amazing that I just can’t be sad for long.

Now for the great news: I found a new cover artist! The talented Kiana Fleming will be doing my new covers! Hooray! Check her out on Instagram @nautilidaae or drop her an email:

Plus, we will get to see Kiana’s work for me very soon. She’s going to do a new cover for The Book of Memories; because I’m a collectionist at heart and things in series and collections just need to match. For those of you with print books, well, we will always know what the first edition is, won’t we?


One of the reasons that I really wanted to have my own website was to include maps. My dad is a professional land surveyor, so I’ve kind of always loved them. I also love books with maps, but my first novel didn’t quite need a map with it. Hence, website. Well, tonight, I finished the first map! Here’s the Western Continent of Astrazen. Isn’t it beautiful?Western Continent