Tonight’s Efforts

Just finished writing Chapter 8 for The Book of Reflections! Also passed 40k words, which is halfway past my arbitrary goal of 80,000 for this book, so I’m making progress, guys!!! I’m so excited.
I also enrolled The Book of Memories in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program the other day, so if you’re a subscriber (like me), borrow away! If not, don’t worry, you can still buy it like normal. 😁
So, besides my awesome website (don’t forget to check that out: and making progress on the sequel, I’m also working on a super secret book cover project. More on that later. 😉
If you haven’t read my debut novel yet, now’s the time!

One thought on “Tonight’s Efforts

  1. Your map has a lot of character. Mine have always been sterile and technical. Mine are always accurate and precise … functional but with no special flair. Well done!


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